Other Phonographs Continued
Updated:   September 13, 2019
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Kreusi Phonograph, (December, 1877)  (Replica of 1994 by Mike Stehlik)
This is a replica of the very first Tinfoil Phonograph.   There is only one
original which is at the Edison Historical Site in West Orange, New Jersey.
The replica is No. 18 of 30 produced by Stehlik.  

Edison Eclipse, 1903
(Restored by Steve Farmer, 2010)


Herzog Disc Record Cabinet
                    Premier Piano Phonograph

Sonora Supreme, 1917 (Original Price:  $1,000)
sonora1.JPG sonora2.JPG 
sonora4.JPG sonora3.JPG

Sonora Supreme Matching Record Cabinet

Sonora Louis XV DeLuxe, c. 1920

Pathe Menstrel
c. 1904

German Lyre and Mermaid Puck Talking Machines, c. 1906
Puck2.JPG   PuckMermaid.JPG

Mikiphone (2 Views), c. 1930
Miki1.JPG   Miki2.JPG

Mira Music Box (2 Views), c. 1903
Mira3.jpg     Mira4.jpg

Stroh Viol  (Concert Model)
Used for Recording       
StrohVa.JPG StrohVb.JPG  

Pathe Jeunesse, 1914

Lawyer Style Record Cabinet